Team-building online


How to carry out a team-building activity with players from all over the world without making everyone move? How to promote communication and mutual assistance between colleagues who may never have spoken before? And above all, how to anchor these good habits in daily practice? With Enigm4, our online escape game, Tractebel Engie wanted to find an answer to these questions. Thanks to a web-based deployment and the training of dynamic support teams, hundreds of colleagues from all over the world have strengthened their relationships through the six strange worlds of the ENIGM4 universe.


The universe

Each world includes a puzzle to solve as a team, each based on a specific skill of collaboration and teamwork. At the end of the game, all the themes dear to Tractebel will have been put into practice by colleagues united in the same mission: finding the door that will allow them to escape the universe of ENIGM4 for good.

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