The Demons of Halloween

Board Game

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In the world of the demons of Halloween, players play as demons who compete in devilish duels through scenario board games such as the Mansion, the Mortal Basketball or the Ghost Train.... These games are accessible to children from 10 years old, but they are oriented towards teens/adults. The number of participants varies according to the chosen scenario, but all games are played between at least 2 and 6 players depending on the skills of the players. Games last between 30 minutes for the Mortal Basketball and 3 hours for the Mansion.


Mortal Basketball

When the demons of Halloween are challenged in basketball by mere mortals, you can expect sparks! But using your natural abilities is not cheating... In this basketball board game with the stars of the MBA (Mortal Basketball Association), counter, dribble and dunk without limit! But whatever the final score, do not worry: you are already no longer of this world...

The Mansion

Haunt, haunt brave Demons, tonight is Halloween! Take possession of a scarecrow and enter the game. Come and face your friends in devilish duels. Who will be the first to catch the Devil's tail? How many of you are going to lose their head? Will the little Gothics have the fearmeter at zero? Who will become the Bleurgs of the game? Hurry up! You only have this night to get there on Halloween night!

Interactive Theatre - PC & Mobile (in development)

The exorcists armed with their pistols and 3d glasses have to knock out as many demons as possible... An experiment that will put your nerves to the test.

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